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Wendigo A-Go-Go is a wilderness survival game with cannibalism and monsters. The goal of the game is to escape from the frozen wilds with your life and hopefully your humanity intact. In Wendigo A-Go-Go you will face ravenous wendigos, lost souls struggling to survive and even cute, delicious bunnies.

The overall theme of the game is the dissolution of identity in the face of imminent need. I intend to illustrate this theme through a light, 8-bit aesthetic that I hope will help audiences engage with the more absurd elements of identity as a concept and also with the grim humor found in extreme circumstances.


At the moment, Wendigo A-Go-Go only supports mouse and keyboard inputs. You may find some limited level of controller support, but this is only a result of the defaults of the game engine. Full controller support will be a feature of the completed game.

Most interactions in Wendigo A-Go-Go are currently handled with the W,A,S and D keys or the arrow keys. Use these to move around the map and also to pick up or attack adjacent objects or characters. After each move that the player makes, any monsters on the map will also take their turn to move. If the player moves onto a tile adjacent to a friendly NPC, a dialogue box will open with a question prompt and two answer buttons. The player can select one of the answer buttons by moving the cursor over the button of the player's choice and pushing the left mouse button. Occasionally the player will have the option to craft a torch or build a campfire. This is done by clicking on the "Make" button that will appear over the icon for the the campfire or torch.


The goal of Wendigo A-Go-Go is to signal for help and be rescued from the frozen wilds. This is done by finding a flare gun and a flare and building a campfire. Once the player is on a tile adjacent to a campfire, has a flare gun and a flare and is on a lighter outside map, the "signal help" button will appear over the campfire icon. Clicking the "signal help" button will trigger the win conditions and return the player to the title screen. Every time the player moves or is attacked, they will loose health or "food." If the player's "food" reaches zero, the lose conditions will be triggered and the player will be returned to the tittle screen. In addition to their "food" points the player will also have "flesh" points which are a measure of how much human flesh the player has eaten. If the the player's "flesh" points outnumber their food points they will begin to transform into a monstrous wendigo until they eat enough so that their "food" points are once again higher than their "flesh" points.


Wendigo A-Go-Go was built in the Unity engine. The game's code is largely adapted from two different tutorials that are available on Unity3D.com. I have linked the two tutorials bellow.

2D Roguelike tutorial


Procedural Cave Generation tutorial


(If you have any questions about how I expanded the systems in these tutorials, feel free to ask in the comments section bellow)

The current build of the game is far from finished. Many art assets are temporary. Particularly the walls, backgrounds, and the collectable wood item need to be replaced (right now they are just lightly altered GIMP brushes). I will list the incomplete elements and known bugs here. I will also list the features intended for the free and (possible) paid releases. I will keep these lists regularly updated as more content is added and more bugs are discovered. In addition to these lists, I will keep an up-to-date summary of where I think the game stands in terms of overall completeness.

I am releasing this in-development build because Wendigo A-Go-Go uses randomly generated maps. Most of the maps that I have seen the game churn out have been functional, but random generation creates the possibility of many non-functional "edge cases." Also, the maps need to not just be functional, but fun to play. To achieve this, I will need a lot of testing done and a lot of feedback on what is going wrong and also what is going right in as many playthroughs as possible.


Currently functional features:

  • Randomly generated maps.
  • Basic win and lose states
  • Mouse and Keyboard controls
  • Graphic user interface for PC
  • Randomly Generated colors for player character clothes
  • Basic crafting
  • Simple combat
  • Light Dialogue

Planned features for the completed free version:

  • Autosave function called at the end of every turn
  • Functionality for the continue button
  • An in-game tutorial
  • Text based narrative delivered as journal entries at the end of each level (Right now, the only thing displayed between levels is "Day X." This is a hold-over from the 2D roguelike tutorial)
  • Additional dialogue prompts, answers and responses
  • Collectable journal items left by player characters that died in the frozen wilds
  • Music and ambient sounds for cave and outdoor levels

Planned features for the possible paid expansion:

  • Additional narrative elements that stretch across multiple successful playthroughs and further differentiate one randomly generated player character from another

(More features may be added to these lists throughout development but no features will be stripped from the free version or moved to the paid version. I am committed to providing a complete free game experience and releasing the paid expansion only as a way to add replay value for those who enjoy the game enough to want a bit more out of it and are willing to part with a few bucks to get it.)

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy the frozen misery!

UPDATE 12/2/2016: The wendigo transformation method has been updated. When the player is in wendigo form they will lose all items and be unable to pick up or craft more items. They will also have much higher attack damage while in this form.

UPDATE 12/4/2016: Fixed a bug which stopped the player from killing and eating friendly NPCs. Devouring the flesh of your fellow man is an intended game functionality.

More information

Published7 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags2D, Dark Humor, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Survival, Turn-based, Violent
Average durationA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

Download and execute the Installer. Start the game with either Wendigo A-Go-Go.exe or with a desktop shortcut.


Wendigo A-Go-Go Setup.exe (8 MB)

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